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So, one may ask, “What was?"  And we will enthusiastically shout,  "SCPS OCTOBER 17, 2019 OPEN HOUSE"!!!!  

Students, Alumni, Family and Friends made good on the opportunity to meet and greet SCPS Interim Dean, Dr. Donald Opitz, SCPS Faculty and SCPS Staff. Program Directors, Dr. Arieahn Matamonasa (Graduate Program) and Dr. Sara Kimble (Undergraduate Programs) along with Dr. Hap Bryant (CPE) and SCPS staff, led informed conversations about credentialing and college credit, prior learning assessment, scholarship opportunities, discounts,  student engagement initiatives (i.e. Men of Color, SCPS Honor Society, Dean’s List and Peer Mentoring).  SCPS Open House was a perfect way to ensure that our students, alumni, family and friends were well informed about turning experiences into success at SCPS!  

There were three separate, yet stimulating, inspiring, short faculty lead “sneak-peek” into learning outcomes: “ArtShare”, an Independent Learning Pursuit (ILP) option, led by Dr. Susan McGury; a motivating, pleasurable and fun course, “Leisure, Recreation and Health”, facilitated by Dr. Dan K. Hibbler and an introduction to the Center to Advance Education for Adults (CAEA), with Dr. Caroline Kisiel as the facilitator.   CAEA is a network of adult learning practitioners, exchanging ideas and inspiring strategies for learning in diverse settings. 

Free “Great Swag Bags” given at check-in as well as free entrant raffle ticket. 

A hearty congratulations to SCPS Student, Sillisa Humphrey, as she met the Host Challenge: bring the most guests to the Open house.   Sillisa won
a $75.00 Gift Card.  Raffle Prize winners were: 1st Place, Natalie Young (DPU Hoodie),  2nd Place,  Victor Rivera (SCPS Padfolio and $15 Gift Card, Barnes and Nobles), 3rd Place,  Maria Mariottini (SCPS Tumbler and $15 Gift Card, Barnes and Nobles).  

Finally, as the open house participants walked among the masses … there in the distance appeared a giant, smiling DIBS!   The Open House participants smiled, too, taking selfies and sharing big high-fives with DIBS.   DIBS added to the fun and offered a good way to reinforce top-of-mind brand awareness!   From the heart of SCPS, thank you, DIBS!! 

Go Blue Demons!!!

(Photos courtesy of  DePaul University/Randall Spriggs).