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Elisabeth Lindsay-Ryan

  • Part-Time Faculty

Elisabeth “Biz” Lindsay-Ryan is a diversity and inclusion professor, trainer and consultant. Biz holds an MA from DePaul University in Human Services and Counseling and a BA from DePauw University.  She teaches classes on Civic Engagement, Diversity, Gender and Agents of Change at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Biz has worked with numerous educational institutions, non-profits and companies as a consultant building capacity for equity, diversity and inclusion within their culture by providing facilitation, curriculum development, policy evaluation, assessment, hiring practice review and strategic planning with administrators, board members, managers, employees, teachers, students and parents. She was worked with organizations to transform their culture to foster belongingness and improve productivity and morale.

She is passionate about school climate and culture and has engaged in extensive work with schools and school districts to ensure schools create a positive and sustained environment where all constituents feel safe, welcomed, respected and valued to reach their fullest potential.  Biz has developed models for establishing a school climate team structure that provides training, assessment, and implementation strategies to address equity in our schools on systemic issues like culturally responsive curriculum, disproportionality of discipline and achievement. She also facilitates age appropriate discussions with students on a wide variety of topics including but not limited to: identity, racial justice, power and privilege. LGBTQ, consent, sexual decision making, relationship violence and sexual assault.

Biz served as the Director of Programs at the Women’s Center at Northwestern University for nearly a decade where her responsibilities included chairing several university wide committees including serving as the Co-Chair for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Support Network. During her time with the LGBT Support Network she spearheaded efforts to secure support and funding for the LGBT Center, change university policies to include gender identity and inclusion and provide Safe Space training for over 1000 constituents. She continues to work with schools to build their capacity to support students that are LGBTQ, helping them understand sexual identity, gender identity and expression and ensuring their policies and practices are inclusive of all student experience.

She has facilitated equity, diversity and inclusion work in a multitude of organizations including government entities, corporations, non-profits and educational institutions at every level from preschool through university. Biz has been involved as a volunteer, an activist, Board Member, Trainer, Advisor and Consultant with over 200 organizations addressing a range of issues from racial justice to cancer awareness.​​