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Jim Caffey

  • Part-Time Faculty
​Jim Caffey graduated from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri three times, with degrees in Physics, Astronomy, Geology, Teaching and Special Education.  He has completed additional graduate work in Stellar Astrophysics, Meteorology, and an EdD in Higher Education Administration and Leadership.  He worked on NASA-funded research and missions for more than 20 years in Astronomy and Space Science fields. His research interests are in Education of astronomy, eclipsing binary stars, comets, Online Education Pedagogy and Multimedia, Meteorology, and the solar system.

Jim has taught every kind of science imaginable, except biology, for 25 years, and more than 120 online classes during the last 15 years.  He also had an award-winning career in TV and Video Production.  He is currently working as a Remote Production Manager for a Video Production Company in Florida that does a lot of NASA work. He is also a professional musician, playing percussion for several local bands and groups. He enjoys spending vacations in Las Vegas and hopes to live there someday. He currently lives in Springfield, Missouri with two furry sons, Mr. Man and Comet (The Astronomers dog!)