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Dr. Rhonda McBride

Dr. Rhonda E. McBride resides in Chicago, IL and is a graduate of Colorado Technical University where she earned a Doctorate Degree in Environmental Management & Social Sustainability.  Dr. McBride is formally educated as a Chemical Engineer from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT).  However, Dr. McBride is professionally trained as an Environmental Engineer.  Dr.  McBride believes that her career choice as an Environmental Engineer, has been one of the best decisions that she has made for herself.  Dr. McBride enjoys her career very much and has become very passionate about her chosen profession. Dr. McBride is a 35-year scholarly practitioner.  Dr. McBride has been a change agent for many organizations and has significant experience writing and implementing corporate Environmental and Health and Safety regulatory policy/compliance documents.  Dr. McBride also has been an adjunct professor for one college and five universities.