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Excellence & Recognition

Each year, the School of Continuing and Professional Studies recognizes excellence in the community.  The distinct privilege of recognition is granted in accordance with award descriptions, and nomination and selection processes outlined by the SCPS Awards Committee.  For additional details you may write to

Jill O’Mahony Stewart

The Lifelong Learning Award is granted to lifelong learners who best evidence any among the following:  innovation, results-orientation, and engagement across sectors and disciplines, involvement in community building, social inclusion and justice, conflict resolution and spirituality.  Most of all, evidence a love of learning that contributes to mankind’s holistic development.

Douglas Murphy

In support of placing the highest priority on programs of instruction and learning, the Quality of Instruction Council bestows annual DePaul University Excellence in Teaching awards. This award reflects dedication, teaching effectiveness, and the endorsement of students and colleagues. Excellence in Teaching Awards will be recognized at Academic Convocation this fall.

Elvia Nieto Galindo

The Staff Appreciation Award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to SCPS. Staff Appreciation awards honor the staff member who exemplifies the spirit and values of SCPS, demonstrates work above and beyond expectations, innovative practices, and Vincentian Personalism.

Inna Mykoliuk

Leadership for Social Change: “Ban the Address Movement”. 
Nominating Faculty:  Dr. Susanne Dumbleton, Professor Emerita

The Weinberg Memorial Prize is offered each spring by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at DePaul University. Named in honor of Arthur and Lila Weinberg, Chicago writers and former School for New Learning teachers, the awards are intended to permanently commemorate and exemplify the spirit of the 

Weinberg’s work and lives, which bring history alive, creatively, critically, with intellectual vitality and emphasis on social justice and equality.


Student Excellence Awards are granted based on novel contributions to the field, definitive perspectives on central issues, examination of diverse dimensions of the topic, and memorable expressions of content.

Joanne Fakhouri
AP Ethics project entitled: “Ethics in the Media”
Nominating Faculty: Veronica ‘Roni” Buckley, Ed.D.

Klaudia Zylinska
Capstone Project: “Magnificent Mile: Permanent Civilian-Vehicle Traffic Closure”
Nominating Faculty: Dr. Corinne Benedetto, Professor Emerita

Leanne Moy
Integrative Learning Project: “Plan to Address Present Inequity”
Nominating Faculty:  Dr. Susanne Dumbleton, Professor Emerita


Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) projects allow students to demonstrate college-level learning they have gained from their professional and personal lives. Successful PLA projects are awarded credit. Each successful project is an accomplishment and a testament to capability of each student. Each year students submit PLA projects which are not only successful but which also demonstrate excellence in writing and academics. The Office of Prior Learning Assessment acknowledges these PLA projects that exceed expectations with the PLA Excellence Award.

Beatriz Camino

Claire Van Der Vort

James McCather

Ma'ayan Simon

Robert Ashurst

Roxanne Warren-Leahy

Ryan Hermes

Sarah DeLassus Carson