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SCPS Distinctions

Celebrate SCPS faculty and staff as we recognize awards, milestones and groundbreaking research.

Dr. Donald Opitz, Interim Dean

  • Appointed Guest Editor of the Topical Collection, Women, Gender, Sexuality and Biology of the Journal of History of Biology and; 
  • Appointed to the Nominations Committee of the Division of History of Science and Technology, International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

Patrizia Acerra, MA, Senior Academic Advisor and Adjunct Faculty

Kamilah Cummings, MA, Dr. Kenya Grooms, Nicholas Hayes, MFA  and Steffanie Triller Fry, MFA, along with former Associate Professor, Dr. Michelle Navarre Cleary, co-authored and published:

Molia Dumbleton, MA, Adjunct Faculty

  • Published short story “What You Have Been Told” was nominated and recently selected by The Sonder Review, for the 2020 Best Small Fictions Anthology.

Christine Hayda, MS, Adjunct Faculty and Program Manager

Nicholas Hayes, MFA, Adjunct Faculty and Assistant Director, OPLA

Dr. Sara Kimble, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director

Gina Orlando, MA, CH, Adjunct Faculty

  • Authored and published Stress Reduction.  In the DePaul Magazine, Vol 1, Issue. 412027 Winter 2020.  Feb 15, 2020, Master Class pg. 11.

Dr. Jessica Cook-Qurayshi, Director, Labor Education and Jessica Espinoza, BA, Associate Director, Labor Education presented:

Dr. Lisa Saye, Adjunct Faculty, authored and published:

Dr. Gabriele Strohschen, Professor Emerita, authored and published:

Shana Wills, MA, Adjunct Faculty

Staff Recognition Awards

  • Patrizia Acerra, MA, Adjunct Faculty and Senior Academic Advisor;
  • Nicholas Hayes, MFA, Adjunct Faculty and Assistant Director, OPLA;
  • Sandy Rodriguez, Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Leyfane Thomas, MA, Communications Coordinator, Student Engagement, Enrollment Services.  

Dr. Marisa Alicea, Professor and Resident Faculty

  • Awarded Dean’s Innovation Funds for project Bachelor of Arts in Public Safety and Security Management project,

Dr. Joseph Chen, Associate Professor, Director, OPLA

  • Awarded Dean’s Innovation Funds for the following projects:  Pre-Approved PLA Credentials Assessment, PLA Assessment Professional Development On-ground Training and “PLA Assessment Professional Development Online Course Development. Nicholas Hayes, co-recipient. 

Dr. Joseph Cunniff, Adjunct Faculty

  • Toured Europe to Colmar in France to study the Isenheim Altarpiece by Grunewald and to the Lucerne Music Festival in Switzerland, where he wrote about the Gustav Mahler Chamber Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic. 

Nicholas Hayes, MFA, Adjunct Faculty and Assistant Director, OPLA

  • Published a collection of prose poems Ante-Animots: Idioms and Tales (BlazeVOX).
  • Awarded second place in the James Tate International Poetry Prize for his manuscript Amorphous Organics.
  • Awarded Dean’s Innovation Fund for “Staff Meeting Affinity” with colleague Patrizia Acerra, Assistant Director, Academic Services. 

Dr. Janise Hurtig, Adjunct Faculty

Drs. Caroline Kisiel, Associate Professor

Dr. Catherine Marienau, Professor Emerita

  • A Podcast with SCPS Alumni, Gail Zelinsky, (MAAPS ’15), Women Over 70: Aging Reimagined, releasing 29 episodes in 2019. One-third of the women guests are affiliated with SCPS.  Listen to weekly episodes,;

Dr. Arieahn Matamonasa Bennett, Associate Professor and Graduate Programs Director

  • Awarded Dean’s Innovation Fund for “Graduate Programs Quality, Consistency and ON-LINE Expansion Project.

Dr. Susan McGury, Associate Professor

  • Awarded QIC’s Departmental Initiative Grant for proposal entitled: The SCPS Toolkit: "Just in Time" Writing Support for Adult Learners.
  • Appointed President of the DePaul Chapter 272 of Phi Kappa Phi, International Honor Society.

Telisa Robinson-Davis, Retention Coordinator

  • Awarded Dean’s Innovation Funds for SCPS Peer Mentoring Initiative.

Dr. R. Craig Sautter, Adjunct Faculty

Leyfane J. Thomas, MA, Communications Coordinator, Enrollment and Student Engagement

  • Appointed Treasurer and Communications Director of the DePaul Chapter 272 Phi Kappa Phi, International Honor Society
  • Awarded Phi Kappa Phi Chapter Officer Badge for Contributions and Achievements.

The following members of the SCPS staff received Staff Recognition Awards this fall, for their above-and-beyond contributions:  

  • Cynthia Flores, Student Records Coordinator
  • Scott Gabbert, Program Manager
  • Ravi Grover, Web Developer
  • Christine Hayda, Program Manager
  • Sarah Hellstrom, Associate Director
  • Telisa Robinson-Davis, Retention Coordinator