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Combined Bachelor’s + Master’s Degree Programs

DePaul’s combined Bachelor’s + Master’s degree programs allow you to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees in a condensed timeline. Combined degrees are open to all current undergraduate students and most undergraduate majors can be combined with graduate degrees across colleges. In addition, Having completed your bachelor's and master's degrees, you'll stand out to employers with your additional educational credentials – giving you a leg up in your career.

Save Money

Take up to three graduate courses while completing your bachelor's that will count toward both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, saving you time and money, moving you seamlessly from your undergraduate program to your graduate degree. The three graduate courses taken as part of the combined degree program are charged at the undergraduate tuition rate. Once you earn your bachelor’s degree at DePaul, you'll receive the Double Demon Scholarship. So with the scholarship – plus the graduate courses you took during your bachelor's degree – you'll save about 40% on your master's degree tuition.

SCPS Degree Options

SCPS undergraduate students may combine their degree with SCPS  graduate programs in Applied Professional Studies(customized focus area) and Educating Adults. Our advisors can work with you to plan a smooth transition from SCPS undergraduate programs to master's degrees that feature individualized learning plans, credit for experiential learning, and independent study options. For information on SCPS graduate programs, contact 312-362-5744, or email Sarah


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