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LLS 420 
LLS 420 (Online)
Collaboration Effectiveness: Global Leadership
Class Number:
EA 517  
EA 517
Facilitating Adult Learning

Class Number:
CCA 185  
CCA 185 (Online)
The Beatles and the Creative Process
Class Number:
CCA 40871
CCH 367  
CCH 367 (Online)
Leisure, Recreation, and Health 
Class Number:
CCH 40639
CCA 267  
CCS 267 (Online)
Nutrition for a Lifetime
Class Number:
CCSW 40729
Data Analytics  
DA 200 (Online)
Data Analytics 
Class Number:
DA 40717
Ethics in Profession  
DCM 317 (Online)
Ethics in the Professions 
Class Numbers:
DCM Degree DCM 40645  
BAPS Degree PSES 40686
Creativity and Innovative Thinking  
DCM 319 (Online)
Creativity and Innovative Thinking
Class Numbers:
DCM Degree DCM 41902
BAPS Degree PSCI 41903
CCA 153  
CCA 153
The Art of Speechmaking

Class Numbers:
DCM Degree BADM 41603
BAPS Degree CCA 40655

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