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Healthcare Administration (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration is designed for working adults seeking to advance their careers in healthcare or those who desire to redirect their careers to the healthcare area. The degree advances the development of a student’s professional portfolio with further study in a range of sub fields associated with healthcare, business administration, and management. 

This degree emphasizes immediate practical application of academic knowledge and skills in the healthcare workplace. In this program, students examine their prior and current work experience in light of theory and principles, while applying their new learning to solve current workplace challenges. Details about the program can be found on the program description linked here​

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Learning Outcomes

  • Competence in the five Healthcare Leadership Alliance (HLA) competence areas: (a)
  • Leadership; (b) Knowledge in the Healthcare Environment; (c) Business Knowledge and
  • Skills; (d) Communication and Relationship Management; and (e) Professionalism.
  • Connections of academic learning to workplace experience
  • Deepened and expanded professional expertise
  • Complementary multidisciplinary, applied, and integrative liberal arts curriculum

Core Requirements

Lifelong Learning

    • ​Reflective Learning
    • Civic Engagement
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Essay Writing
    • Critical Thinking
    • Research Writing

    Liberal Learning

      • ​Liberal Arts in Action
      • Arts & Ideas
      • Human Community
      • Scientific World
      • Integrative Learning

      Professional Core Courses

        • ​Career Assessment & Planning
        • Professional Communications
        • Ethics & Social Justice in the Professions
        • Global Perspectives
        • Capstone Project

        Major Requirements

        Health Sciences Core

          • ​Introduction to Health Science​
          • Introduction to Public Health
          • Healthcare Policy in the U.S.
          • Statistics
          • Fundamentals of Epidemiology

          Leadership, Business and Management Core

            • ​Accounting and Finance
            • Management Information Systems
            • Economics
            • Effective Leadership
            • Healthcare Management
            • Human Resources
            • Risk Management

            Major Elective Courses (Examples)

            Health in Cultural Context

              • ​Psychology from an African-Centered Perspective
              • Global Issues in Women's Health
              • Introduction to Medical Anthropology
              • Gay Men’s Health Matters
              • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Psychology

              Health Options for Facilities, Communities, and Workplaces ​

              • Introduction to Art Therapy
              • Leisure, Recreation and Health
              • Promoting Healthy Communities
              • Implementing Corporate Training Programs
              • Community Health Assessment
              • Community Psychology


              • The Aging (or Reengaging?) Brain
              • Death and Dying


              • Health and Public Relations
              • Program Evaluation
              • Innovation and Technology

              Public Health and Healthcare

              • The Business of US Healthcare in a Changing Environment
              • Health and Human Service Organizations
              • Human Pathogens
              • Health Research Literacy
              • Health Disparities
              • Global Issues in Women’s Health
              • Community Health Assessment
              • Program Evaluation
              • Health Psychology


              • Human Pathogens
              • Human Form and Function
              • Evolution in Health and Medicine
              • Mammalogy