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Caroline Kisiel

  • Assistant Professor
  • 312-362-8979

Caroline M. Kisiel is an Assistant Professor and a member of the SCPS Resident Faculty. She holds an MA ;in Interdisciplinary Arts (Columbia College Chicago), an MRes in Humanities and Cultural Studies (Birkbeck College, University of London), and a PhD in Literature (University of Essex, UK). Her background includes work in the fields of immigration law, training and development, creative writing, and improvisational storytelling and movement. Integrating the arts with workplace, cultural, and identity concerns, she aims to cultivate onsite and online classrooms that enable adult learners to express themselves deeply and authentically. A travel writing scholar with a focus on Illinois and Ohio Valley history and early American culture, her research explores the intersections between travel, culture and creativity, in both print and digital arenas. She has presented, published, and facilitated workshops both nationally and internationally.​