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Faculty Technology Resources

Conference Calls

To initiate a conference call on a DePaul phone, please ask the receptionists during business hours at least 5 minutes before meeting start:

  1. Select New Call (or simply pick up the receiver).
  2. Select More, then Meet Me.
  3. Dial the assigned conference number: 6+last four digits. Your guest(s) may call into the assigned line: (312) 476-461_.

SCPS Conference Room Scheduling

Use Outlook Calendar to 'invite' conference rooms 1409, 1439, 1452, 1454 or 1515 to your meeting, just like yo​u would a person. To reserve 1451, 1455 or 1502, please email


Faxes can be sent to (312) 476-3220. Incoming faxes are converted to PDFs and forwarded to your email. To send a fax, send an email to the Use the subject line and the body of the email as the equivalent of a cover sheet. Attach a PDF or docx file; no pptx.

Information Services

Visit IS  for more information on Campus Connect, email, office computer, phone, software, wireless connections, connecting a smart phone to email, ID cards, technical training, and other relate​d subjects.