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Academic and Enrollment Status

Active Status
Full-time and part-time students are considered active as long as they are registered each quarter. Graduate students enrolled for eight or more credit hours are considered full-time. Those enrolled in four to seven credit hours are considered part-time. Those registered for less than four credit hours are considered less than half-time. All admitted graduate students who use the facilities of the university (library, laboratory, etc.) or who consult with faculty members regarding program components are to be registered each quarter.

Athletic Fee
By university policy, all registrations incur the DePaul Athletic Fee.

Discontinued Status
After three consecutive quarters of no registration, students are discontinued by the university. Students wishing to be readmitted after being discontinued for lack-of-registration reasons may do so by reapplying to their respective graduate program. Please contact the SCPS Graduate Programs Office at

Special Review Status (Probation)
Students whose performance jeopardizes their satisfactory academic progress as outlined in program materials are subject to being placed on special review status by the Graduate Student Program Review Committee (GSPRC). The conditions of special review are outlined by the Committee per each situation.

Withdrawal Status
Students wishing to withdraw from a graduate program are to inform the SCPS Graduate Programs Office at and complete the withdrawal/leave of absence form in Campus Connect.​