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Concerns / Complaints

The SCPS Graduate Programs recognize that periodically a program constituent (student, faculty member, professional advisor, etc.) may feel the need to request review of an issue involving some aspect (excluding grade appeals and special review appeals) of a program’s functioning—policy, process or personnel/ participant. In such cases, efforts to review and resolve (if possible) concerns and complaints are undertaken in a timely manner and in accordance with the following principles and general sequence:

Step #1: The petitioner (any constituent) makes every effort to resolve the matter with the person(s) most directly involved and as soon as possible. Petitioners may seek assistance from program personnel to support and/or facilitate interaction at this step. When resolution is not satisfactory at this step, or if the petitioner wants to proceed initially in a more formal manner, the petitioner may proceed to, or start with, the next step.

Step #2: The petitioner who wishes to pursue the matter more formally contacts the Senior Director for Mentoring and Student Services. For contact information,  call (312) 362-8001 or email

For information regarding grade appeals, see Grades and Grading. For information regarding appeal of special review status, contact the SCPS graduate programs director at (312) 362-8001.​