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Program policies and procedures are established for SCPS graduate programs to maximize fair and equitable functioning across constituents. Should an individual wish to request an exception to a program requirement, policy or procedure as outlined per each graduate program guidebook and/or an applicable portion of the university catalog, he/she may do so by submitting a written request (including explanation and rationale) to the SCPS Graduate Programs Office at  Upon receipt of a written request, the Graduate Programs Office will forward the request to SCPS' curriculum committee for review and case-by-case decision.

As a decision is rendered by the curriculum committee (typically within 1-3 weeks of receipt), the committee chairperson (or designee) will provide written communication to the requester outlining the decision and any applicable conditions. In each instance, the decision of the committee is final. A copy of the decision will be maintained by the SCPS Graduate Programs Office.

Requests that are beyond the jurisdiction of SCPS' curriculum committee will be referred to the appropriate office/committee within the school or university. For example, requests for exceptions involving school-level matters including registrations, late additions/withdrawals, tuition refunds, tuition adjustments and administrative withdrawals due to emergency circumstances are the domain of SCPS' exceptions committee (

Requesters uncertain regarding where or how to submit a request for exception may consult with the SCPS Graduate Programs Office ( or (312) 362-8448) or simply submit the request to either  or The request will be forwarded to the appropriate committee for deliberation, and that committee then will follow-up with the individual presenting the request.

Separate Processes
- To appeal a grade, see Grades and Grading.
- To request a faculty mentor change, See Mentor / Mentee Change.​