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Records and Reports (Degree Progress)

In accordance with the importance of agency (self-management) in graduate study and beyond, students are urged to maintain their own records of progress in their respective graduate programs. In addition, the following program/university “back-up” records and reports are available subject to FERPA directives:

Grade Reports
Students may obtain grade reports by logging into Campus Connect, clicking on “For Students” (left-hand menu), clicking on “Records and Registration” and clicking on “My Grades.”

Degree Progress
The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is an online tool which allows SCPS graduate students to track their progress throughout their degree program. The DPR displays completed and in-progress DePaul coursework and accepted transfer coursework in relation to degree requirements. If your DPR needs to be updated per your Unofficial University Transcript, please consult with your Faculty Mentor.

Enrollment Verification
Students may obtain an Enrollment Verification Certificate by logging into Campus Connect, choosing “For Students” (left-hand menu), “Records and Registration” and “Enrollment Verification.” See also University Registrar.

University Transcript
This official document, prepared by the DePaul University Registrar, indicates all credit hours for which the student registered, during what term and with what final grade. It also indicates the name of the degree awarded as well as the date the degree is conferred. To secure a copy, see University Registrar. (MAAPS graduates are advised to consult the MAAPS Guidebook for information regarding  the MAAPS Narrative Transcript).​