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Grades, Grading, Grade Appeals, GPA

Grades & Grading
Grade determinations are the prerogative of the faculty based on criteria established in course syllabi, program materials (handbook/forms) and/or delineated in grading policies established by the school or university. See Graduate Student Handbook for DePaul grades/grade designations.

Letter Grades (A, B and C)
Grades of A through C are acceptable within SCPS graduate programs. Grades of C- or lower require reregistering and recompleting the degree component/requirement.

Pass/ Fail Grade (PA/F)
“Pass/ Fail” is assigned to specified program components upon their completion.  Applicable components include AP 502, AP 528, AP 548, AP 558, AP 578, AP 591, EA 535, EA 536, EA 537, EA 538, EA 507, EA 508 and AT 498. For tuition reimbursement purposes, see pass explanatory letter.

Research-in-Progress (R)
“R” may be assigned to specified program components when/if the work in question (typically independent research) extends beyond the end of a term. Applicable components include AP 510, AP 520, AP 530, AP 540, AP 550, AP 560, AP 570, AP 574, AP 585, AP 586, AP 587, AP 588, AP 589, AP 591, AP 592, EA 507, EA 508, EA 528, EA 533, AT 587, AT 588, AT 589, SCPS 532 and special GFDIS offerings as announced. See Graduate Student Handbook for details and parameters applicable to the R grade. Note: R grades are not considered by Financial Aid as evidence of satisfactory academic progress.

Incomplete (IN)
“IN” may be assigned to specified program components where the R grade is not applicable (see above) and in accordance with the following conditions: (a)satisfactory academic progress within the components to date; (b) unusual/ unforeseen circumstances preventing completion of the component by end of term; and, (c) a completed Contract for Issuance of Incomplete - initiated by the student and approved, upon negotiation, by the instructor prior to the end of the term. See Contract for Issuance of Incomplete Grade. See Graduate Student Handbook for details and parameters applicable to the IN grade. Note: IN grades are not considered by Financial Aid as evidence of satisfactory academic progress.

Grade Reports
Final grades are posted on Campus Connect no later than two weeks after the official end of each quarter. (For six-week seminars, this is a few weeks after the end of the seminar.) Students may obtain grade reports by logging into Campus Connect, clicking on “For Students” (lefthand menu), clicking on “Records and Registration,” and clicking on “My Grades.”

Grade Appeals/Challenges
The university has created specific procedures for filing a grade challenge. See University Graduate Handbook. Typically, a situation involving a grade challenge is considered only if it meets at least one of the following criteria: (1) the methods or criteria for evaluating academic performance, made explicit in advance, were not applied or were applied unfairly in determining the grade; and/or, (2) the grade was determined or influenced by criteria other than those outlined in the syllabus or program materials or by criteria not relevant to academic performance.

Grade Point Average (GPA)
At the graduate level, all grades achieved (including those in repeated registrations) are recorded in the academic record and are calculated into the grade point average. See also 

To remain in good standing while in the program and at the point of graduation, a student must maintain a 3.0 GPA.