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Please note: Students interested in participating in ArtShare who are nearing the end of their program should register at least two quarters prior to their target graduation date.

Are you a painter, sculptor or musician? Do you practice other forms of visual or theatrical arts?  ArtShare is an Independent Learning Pursuit (ILP) option offered quarterly to students who wish to present evidence of learning that meets the criteria for significant achievement in Fine and Performing Arts.

Core Learning Outcome (BAIFA A2X):  Can create an original work of art, can define the creative process, and can discuss creative work in the context of the work of other artists in the student's chosen medium.

  1. Defines art and originality
  2. Produces original works of art and defends work w/r/t #1 above
  3. Discusses the creative process
  4. Explains the techniques of the chosen art form and relates it to other work in the field.
  5. Explains how presentation and performance influence works of art.

Students who attend ArtShare present their art for assessment in a supportive, faculty-led, group setting. ArtShare is a discussion about art, originality, skill and creativity among friends.  Sessions last approximately three hours.  Sign-up early because spaces are very limited and fill quickly.

Sample Agenda

  • Brief introduction.
  • Review of guidelines for presentations, feedback and assessment.
  • Individual student presentations (15 minutes each, including a five-minute student report, and approximately 10 minutes for feedback from faculty and other presenters).
  • Summary comments by students and faculty.

How to Prepare for ArtShare

  • Mentally prepare:  Reflect on your creative output and how you will best present it to the group.
  • Sign up: Send an email to register for the event to with your name and a one-sentence description of the work you will present. You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Prepare your materials:
  • Develop a short outline of your five-minute presentation. Include your brief responses to the following questions:
    • What is art, and how does your work fit the criteria?
    • What is originality, and how does it relate to your art work?
    • What are the elements that contribute to proficiency in your art form?
    • How does your work meet the criteria of ArtShare's core learning outcome statement?
    • How did your readings contribute to your knowledge and understanding of art and artistry?
  • Email your three Reading Analysis Worksheets, your outline and an electronic copy of your art to  at least three days before the event.

Some Things to Consider

  • Each ArtShare session is limited to seven participants. Register early.
  • If you are presenting computer-based art, please be aware you are responsible for any technological equipment you might need. There are no tech experts available to solve equipment problems.
  • Because ArtShare is only offered once per quarter, registered students who for any reason do not attend may not reschedule for a future session. These students may submit their art expertise for credit through the standard ILP process.
  • Bring your original work and/or plan to perform your art in person. If you have any questions about this, please contact ArtShare works best as an informal conversation. Please do not bring Powerpoint presentations to ArtShare. Bring paper copies of whatever you wish to share with the class.


  • Readings:There are several ways to choose your second reading. Search by the art form, influential artist, movement or period. Look for critical essays about work similar to yours.  Look for bibliographies in art class syllabi, or talk with teachers and mentors for ideas.  Consider readings that help you understand and explain some aspect of your work.
  • Performance: Time yourself. For creative writing, use the most representative passages that fit into five minutes. For music or theatrics, choose samples of your work that fit into the time limit. Keep equipment to a minimum.
  • Visual art: Whenever possible, bring your actual artwork rather than photos of your work. Come early for set up if necessary. Permanent mounting is not available.
  • Responding to your colleagues: Remember this is a learning experience. Your response is important both for your own learning and for the other artists in your session. Ask your ArtShare colleagues about technique or style. Consider what caught your attention. Avoid universal judgments. Be helpful. Comment on ways the work might carry more impact, such as "I wonder if you considered...". A thoughtful response is the best assistance any artist can give or receive.

Be prepared to enjoy!

ArtShare is guided by ILP rules and processes. It is a pass/fail experience. You will receive an email from ArtShare faculty with the decision within a few days of the event. Your ILP materials will be submitted to the university for billing after the event whether or not your work is assessed as passing. If you receive a 'no pass' notification after ArtShare, you are invited to revise your work and present it again at the next ArtShare session. Should your work not be passed at that time, you can choose to re-register and pay for the experience again.