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Competence-based PLA (formerly known as ILPs)

Competence-based PLA will not be accepted after by October 26, 2022.​

​​​Competence-based PLA (formerly known as ILPs) is for students in the following programs:

  • BA with an Individualized Focus Area (BAIFA)
  • BA in Computing (BAC)
  • BA in General Business (BAGB)
Students submitting competence-based PLA must complete the Competence-based PLA Checklist​​​ and use it as a coversheet for their submission.

Students request credit for college level learning experiences obtained through professional development in the workplace, courses and workshops in non-accredited programs and independent learning—whether pursued at home, workplace or school. The learning experience may have been accomplished prior to or during studies at SCPS.

A specific competence can be demonstrated by providing evidence of learning related to each of criteria of the competence statement. A submission includes completing the steps of the Competence-based PLA Checklist​​​ (which will be used as a coversheet for their evidence), completing the Competence-based PLA Submission Form, and providing evidence. Evidence should be a paper that demonstrates mastery of competence criteria while relating personal or professional experience to relevant ideas from academic sources, cited in the paper. In addition, other artifacts can be presented.

A $150 fee will be charged upon submission of the Competence-based PLA. Once the form has been submitted it is routed to the Office of Prior Learning Assessment which determines if the Competence-based PLA is ready for review by a content expert. The content expert will hold an advanced degree in a field related to the competence requested and will determine if the PLA passes, fails, or should be resubmitted with revision. If a requested revision is submitted but not approved, the student can take a course or initiate a new Competence-based PLA with a charge of $150. Students will receive an email from Undergraduate Resources acknowledging submission and after the assessment is completed.

Time Considerations

  • Competence-based PLA will not be accepted after ​​October 26, 2022.
  • Students who plan to graduate in Spring Quarter 2022 should have submitted all PLA projects by October 27, 2021.
  • Students who plan to graduate in Autumn Quarter 2022 should have submitted all PLA projects by May 9, 2022. 

  • In Summer Quarter, passing submissions received after August 1, 2022 will not appear on student records until Fall Quarter.​

  • Students should subm​it all PLA no later than 2 quarters before their planned graduation.
  • PLA projects are not processed during weekends, holidays, or other times when the university is closed.
  • Once a PLA project is submitted, it may take up to three business weeks for the assessment to be completed. 

Competence-based PLA Resources

Competence-based PLA Examples

These writing samples are examples of how to write to different competences and competence areas. However for specific and up-to-date submission criteria, please refer to the Competence-based PLA FAQ and Competence-based PLA Checklist ​for current submission requirements.

Competence Area

Project Title


Fast Car


Warsaw, Chicago, and Greek Tragedies


Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Flowers and Plants


My Skydiving Mishaps


Color in Our Daily Lives​​​


Reading to the Hard of Understanding