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Independent Learning Pursuits (ILPs)

Independent Learning Pursuits (ILPs) for students in competence–based programs:

  • BA with an Individualized Focus Area (BAIFA)
  • BA in Computing (BAC)
  • BA in General Business (BAGB)

Students request credit for college level learning experiences obtained through professional development in the workplace, courses and workshops in non-accredited programs and independent learning—whether pursued at home, workplace or school. The learning experience may have been accomplished prior to or during studies at SCPS.

A specific competence can be demonstrated by providing evidence of learning related to each of the criteria of the competence. Evidence can be a paper that relates personal or professional experience to the ideas of others, cited in the paper. In addition, other artifacts can be presented. See ILP Instructions and ILP Frequently Asked Questions for more guidance about how to complete the ILP Submission Form.

A $150 fee will be charged upon submission of all materials that document the ILP. Once the form has been submitted it is routed to the faculty mentor who determines if the ILP is ready for review by a second reader, at which time it will either be sent to the student’s Professional Advisor or a faculty member in a field related to the competence requested who will determine if the competence has been demonstrated. Students will receive an email from Undergraduate Resources acknowledging submission and after the assessment is completed. Students are allowed one revision at no additional cost. If the revision is not approved, the student can take a course or initiate a new ILP with a charge of $150.​