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Graduate Teaching Directives: After Your Course

These requirements (and opportunities) are associated with course/seminar teaching assignments in SCPS Graduate Programs. Please read and follow carefully in order to maximize a successful teaching/learning experience for all concerned. Please also be aware that SCPS considers an instructor’s acceptance of a teaching assignment as an acceptance of these directives. Failure to fulfill these directives will negatively impact future teaching assignments in SCPS Graduate Programs.

A. Before Your Course Begins       B. During Your Course       C. After Your Course      D.Miscellaneous 

a. Draw upon assessment criteria included in your syllabus and develop final/comprehensive assessment for each student. (See “SCPS Assessment Qualities & Principles” in Appendix II.) While you’ll submit “grades” in C2, please also provide each student with a comprehensive narrative explanation of the final grade. For MAEA courses, this narrative explanation may be included in “b” below.

b. For MAEA courses, take under advisement each student’s own official Self-Assessment Form as you complete the MAEA Course Instructor Feedback & Assessment Form for each student.

a. Receive—just prior to the end of the quarter—email notice from University Registrar and from SCPS regarding grading. See also Submitting Grades. The deadline for grade posting is contained on your original Letter of Agreement (per A4). Otherwise, see the University Registrar (For Faculty, Registration & Grading Dates).

b. Submit grades for all students/courses assigned to you in accordance with university directives. Failure to do so will result in the student being issued an “M” grade (Missing) and your name being included in a report of missing grades sent to Academic Affairs. [Note: Instructors completing intensive shorter courses will need to hold their grades until the “grading” window opens after 10th week of quarter.]

c. For MAEA courses, submit copies of each student’s Self-Assessment Form and related Instructor Assessment Form (one for each student) to

a. Receive request for “incomplete” grade by student. (Note: Incompletes must be initiated by the student.)

b. If acceptable, complete Contract for the Issuance of an Incomplete Grade form in collaboration with student. This form requires specificity regarding outstanding work and deadlines per student per incomplete. Note: “Incompletes” are to be rare and assigned only in cases involving clearly exceptional or unforeseen circumstances as negotiated between the student and the instructor and recorded within a completed Incomplete Contract form. If an “incomplete” is assigned, the outstanding work must be completed by the deadline assigned by the instructor (not to exceed two quarters). Failure to complete outstanding work by the deadline agreed upon in the contract (or the end of two quarters at the latest) will result in an “F” grade.

Maintain your own records of grades, assessments and other relevant information for four months after submitting grades. Students with questions regarding their assessments/grades may contact you regarding such. In addition, students are permitted to appeal a grade through the end of the term following the one in which the standing grade was earned. A period of 4 months spans this appeal window. See DePaul’s Grade Challenges Policy.

Submit grade changes—as necessary—via Campus Connect. See Submitting Grades. When a grade-change is submitted, an email message is sent to both instructor and student acknowledging submission. When posted, the instructor and student receive a confirmation that the process is complete. Some grade-changes (due to the lapse in time or span of grade being changed) may necessitate written appeal to the SCPS Exceptions Committee.

a. Consider your own reflections on the course, input received informally throughout the course and input received formally via course evaluations and/or from program officials. (See “Course Evaluation Process” in Appendix III .)

b. Initiate and engage in a conversation with the appropriate Program Coordinator and/or Graduate Programs Director to reflect together on the course.

Inform the Graduate Programs Director and/or Program Coordinator of your interest in being considered for subsequent teaching assignments. [Note: SCPS Graduate Programs considers subsequent appointments upon review of individual’s previous teaching record with SCPS' Graduate Programs (adherence to teaching directives, course evaluations, input from administrative staff, thoroughness, timeliness, “ease of doing business,” etc.) and evidence of individual’s reflective and targeted commitment to continuous improvement.]