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Samples of Graduate Student Work

MAAPS Integrating Project:
Designing Curriculum for High School Students based on the National Coalition for CORE ARTS Standards for Music Technology

The Ballet Bridge Curriculum​

MAAPS Learning Plan Examples:
Designing and implementing advocacy processes in education reform settings

Facilitating mobile experiences through implementing IT solutions in retail environments

Facilitating human performance improvement in organizational settings

Increasing/attaining corporate sponsorship for arts and arts education

Using traditional African ancestral healing rituals, dream interpretation, and the arts to affect transformative change in African Diasporic communities

Effecting change in complex organizations by applying understanding of organizational behavior and culture

Applying study of historical and contemporary bespoke fashion to my design practice, philosophy and teaching

Evaluating and enhancing business practices for organizations devoted to care of the elderly

Designing corporate offices for the multigenerational workplace

MAEA Applied Inquiry Project Proposal Example: 

Improving Facilitator Effectiveness through Theory, Experience, and Self Awareness

MAEA Final Projects Examples:
Helping Unskilled Welfare Recipients Succeed with Basic Life Skills and Job Training: Lessons Learned

The Evolution of a Technical Writer into a Trainer: My Journey from Transmission to Interactive Delivery

Teaching for Religious Understanding in Secondary Schools - Perspectives of Teachers and Administrators Final Report
and Teaching for Religious Literacy and Understanding Survey

Actively Attending to Appreciation in the Workplace: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Pilot Project
; Literature Review; The Appreciation Space Method; Guidelines for Leaders

Factors Contributing to Successful Retention and Graduation Rates of High Achieving African-American Males at an Art-Based College

Discovering Factors Related to Motivation When Learners Participate in Mandatory, Work-Related, Technology Training