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Policies & Procedures

Students who are not enrolled at least once during three consecutive quarters, prior to the end of the third week of the third quarter, are subject to being discontinued from their programs. Students who are discontinued but who want to return at a later date must apply for readmission. Note:  Because SCPS' competency-based BA programs (Individualized Focus Area, Computing, General Business, and Early Childhood Education) are being retired, students in those programs who do not maintain active status cannot be readmitted to the competency BA programs. Instead, those students can be considered for readmission to one of the other continuing BA programs (Business Administration (BAPS), Computing (BAPS)Applied Behavioral SciencesDecision Analytics, and Leadership Studies). Students in the competency BA programs who maintain active status will have through Spring 2023 to complete their degree requirements and graduate. For more information, see the FAQ for this update to our programs. To maintain Active Status, consider the following enrollment options:

Active Status Continuation (LL 050) is a 0-credit, ungraded enrollment available to students who are working on independent projects that will be submitted in fulfillment of degree requirements but otherwise will not be enrolled and would be subject to discontinuation. To request registration in LL 050, students should first discuss their plans with their faculty mentor, whose approval is required, and then submit a registration request using the Registration Form. All LL 050 registration requests are subject to Associate Dean permission.

Textbooks and course materials for all SCPS courses are available at both the Loop campus bookstore and at

Students who successfully completed LL 250 Foundations of Adult Learnin and activated an academic committee may request to change a competency in a previously-completed SCPS class. The request must be made within one year of completing the class, and is not automatic. The instructor must be a current SCPS faculty member, and the requested competency must come only from those already offered in the course. To make a request, send an email to

At the end of a quarter, SCPS faculty complete an assessment for each student in their class. These assessments outline learning experiences showing how students developed competence, evidence submitted for how competency was demonstrated and evaluated, and how a student performed in the course. Assessments are available to view in BlueStar.

Because of federal regulations regarding financial aid, DePaul is unable to drop a student with credit from a class after the posted deadline dates regardless of financial arrangements or status. SCPS students who need to withdraw from courses must consult the Academic Calendar for deadlines. Additionally, students who withdraw from 11-week late-starting classes within the first two weeks after class has started should contact, and students who withdraw from five-week classes within the first week after class has started should contact

The Exceptions Committee is a college-based committee mandated by DePaul’s Faculty Council. It considers requests on a case-by-case basis when events beyond the control of the student make an exception necessary out of fairness. Requests for exceptions must be sent  to In each instance, the decision of the committee is final. If approved, a student can receive only one exception during matriculation at SCPS. This committee does not duplicate the work of the Grade Appeals Committee.

Students who seek to challenge a grade or have questions about the grade challenge process should review the policy and contact SCPS' Office of the Dean at

Grades are submitted online by faculty through Campus Connect and are available to students online after posting. In general, grades are due one week after the 11th week of the quarter. According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment), SCPS cannot report grades over the phone or email. Grades below C- in SCPS and transfer courses do not satisfy competence and are not counted toward graduation. R grades can be submitted only for LL 250, LL 300, LL 390, FA 303, Guided Independent Studies and SCPS Study Abroad courses.

Grades are not changed because of a reassessment of course work, the submission of extra work or by the retaking of an examination. In very rare cases, an instructor may request to make a change of grade, but it requires approval by the SCPS Exceptions Committee (see Exceptions above).

The SCPS Exceptions Committee will entertain grade change requests from instructors but only where either the student or the instructor has made a compelling case with adequate written supporting documentation that a grade change is warranted for equitable considerations. The mere fact that a student's IN or R grade has reverted to an F is not, in and of itself, sufficient grounds to warrant such an exception.

If a grade change is deemed appropriate by the Exceptions Committee or through an incomplete contract, faculty enter the grade change directly in Campus Connect. Assessment forms must be submitted to

The university has created specific procedures for filing a grade challenge. See Undergraduate Student Handbook for more information. Typically, a situation involving a grade challenge is considered only if it meets at least one of the following criteria: (1) the methods or criteria for evaluating academic performance, made explicit in advance, were not applied or were applied unfairly in determining the grade; and/or, (2) the grade was determined or influenced by criteria other than those outlined in the syllabus or program materials or by criteria not relevant to academic performance.”

When a SCPS competency is repeated, a GPA recalculation is automatically triggered after grades have been posted at the end of the quarter. Courses must be completed with a letter grade that is not  W, IN or R.

Students who plan not to enroll for more than one quarter must request a leave of absence through Campus Connect under For Students>Withdrawal/ Leave Request.  

Students nearing the end of their program may request to take a competency not offered in a course. This is called “negotiating a competency.” Such requests are reserved for students who have successfully completed LL 250 Foundations of Adult Learning and held a First Committee Meeting. Requests are reviewed by SCPS' Exceptions Committee and must be approved by the student's faculty mentor, the course instructor and, in the case of focus area competencies, the professional advisor.  The negotiated competency must be relevant to the subject matter of the course, fall within the instructor’s area of expertise and, for a Focus Area competency, be relevant to the student’s focus of study. Students may negotiate only one competency per course but should temporarily register for a competency already offered in the course to reserve a space in it. Students should submit the request to negotiate a competency when registration for the quarter begins. Since this process may take up to four weeks, no request will be accepted after the end of the 4th week of the quarter. Negotiated competencies in travel courses are negotiated directly with the teacher of the course and do not require this form. See Negotiating Competency Request Form.

Most undergraduate courses at SCPS are graded on the A/F grading scale unless otherwise specified.  Students can request to take courses from any university department on a pass/fail (P/F) grading basis by contacting their academic advisor for approval.

The following university guidelines apply to SCPS students as found in the Grades, Pass/Fail entry in the university student handbook to qualify for the P/F option. For more information about how P/F grades are recorded and implications for student records, please see the student handbook explanation.

  • Sophomore Standing (at least 44 quarter hours)
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • One P/F course can be taken per quarter
  • Only one course can be taken P/F from any department
  • A maximum of 20 credit hours can be taken as P/F
  • Courses in the major/minor or certificates are not eligible for P/F option

A grade of pass in SCPS courses represents the university standard of D or better. Pass grades recorded for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credits are excluded from the maximum 20 credit hour limit on P/F grades. LL 261: Essay Writing requires needs C- or better and does not qualify to be taken P/F.  SCPS courses considered to be in the major include those in the  Professional Studies Core, the Major Core and the Major Electives whether taken through SCPS or from other colleges.

Courses taken for P/F grades using the D or better standard can be applied to any competence program requirement including Focus Area requirements but excluding course requirements from non-SCPS colleges in competence based joint degree programs. Courses taken in  competence programs for Lifelong Learning requirements do not count toward the 20 credit hour P/F limit.

To change your program plan, see the Program Plan Change Form.
Students can take courses in other DePaul colleges, provided prerequisites of the college or department are met. Use Campus Connect to register. Please note tuition per credit hour may be different for courses in other DePaul colleges.

Students are subject to all regulations and policies as published in the DePaul University Bulletins and Student Handbook, and the SCPS Student Handbook.

To protect the rights and privacy of individuals who participate in research studies, DePaul University's Office of Research Protections Institutional Review Board (IRB) has established guidelines and procedures for the protection of human subjects. Students seeking to use human subjects in any aspect of their undergraduate study should consult with their faculty mentors regarding the required procedures pertaining to the protection of such subjects. See Institutional Review Board.
See Current Tuition.
Assessment Fee for Independent Learning: $150 - note ILPs carry no tuition credit and do not count for half-time status.  
Proficiency Exam Fee (L4, L5, L6, S5): $150 - note proficiency exams carry no tuition credit and do not count for half-time status.
Financial aid disbursements require students to be registered at least half-time per quarter (6 undergraduate credit hours).