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Undergraduate Competency Programs Update

After further research and deliberation, we decided to develop several new degree programs and eventually phase out the competency-based BA programs: Individualized Focus Area (BAIFA), Computing (BAC), General Business BAGB) and Early Childhood Education (BAECE). As a result, Spring 2017 was the final term in which we admitted new students to these programs.

Current active students will be able to remain in these programs but must complete all degree requirements by the end of Spring 2023 term.  Nothing will change in these programs prior to their retirement. 

Other undergraduate degree options available to students:

Nothing will change in your program if you are an active student. You will have 6 years (through Spring 2023) to complete your degree, provided you remain active in your program.

In order to remain active, you must be enrolled in a class (or ILP or proficiency exam) at least once every three quarters, and your registration must be received prior to the end of the third week of the third quarter. To ensure you finish in time, we encourage you to enroll every quarter.

If you do not enroll in a class in one quarter, nothing will change and you will remain active in your degree program.

If you do not enroll in a class in two consecutive quarters, you must enroll in the next quarter before the deadline for adding classes to remain active.

If you do not enroll in a class for three consecutive quarters, you will be discontinued from your program. When you are ready to return to SCPS, you will be able to apply for readmission to one of the continuing BA programs offering majors (Decison Analytics, Leadership Studies or Applied Behavioral Sciences). Readmission to one of these programs may increase your degree requirements and extend your time to degree completion.

  • Reach out to your Academic Advisor to confirm your plan for degree completion

  • Enroll early when registration opens for each term

  • Follow your plan to make steady progress towards your degree

  • Do not become discontinued by failing to enroll for more than two consecutive quarters

We will be glad to welcome you back! Apply for readmission to a current SCPS degree. An SCPS Academic Advisor will contact you after you are readmitted and you can then discuss which degree would be best for you moving forward.

Both of these types of holds will prevent future registration. Please do one of the following:

  • Contact DePaul Central about financial holds at 312-362-8610 or
  • Contact an SCPS advisor at 312-362-5445 or  for information about resolving an academic hold.

Please contact your Academic Advisor or the SCPS Advising Center by email or phone 312-362-5445.

Login to Campus Connect and look at the top of your Degree Progress Report, or contact the SCPS Advising Center at or 312-362-5445.