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Undergraduate Course Listings

Spring Term 2023 Course Schedule 

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Summer Term 2023 Course Schedule

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Fall Term 2023 Course Schedule

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Competency Limits: You can register for 2 competencies in most 4-credit SCPS competency courses.  Spring Term will be the last term in which we offer competencies for courses at SCPS.

Proficiency Exams: Spring Term will be the last term all three proficiency exams will be offered.  Please register for proficiency exams directly in Campus Connect using the following 5-digit class numbers.

Spring Term: 40961 or Critical Thinking (L5); 40959 for Quantitative Reasoning (L6). Students in the BA in Professional Studies programs may register for BAPS Writing Proficiency Exam, 40960. Only students in the BA in Professional Studies (BAPS) program are eligible to receive credit for this writing exam. Navigate here for further exam instructions and deadline information.

Summit Seminar: This final graduation requirement for BAIFA, BAC, and BAGB students is typically taken in the last quarter, often concurrently with Advanced Project. Summit Seminar is held online in the final 5 weeks, Spring Term - 4/29/23 - 6/9/23 Register in Campus Connect; after the final add date passes, use the online registration form.​  This will be the last term this course will be offered.

Students who are not enrolled at least once during three consecutive quarters, excluding summer, prior to the end of the third week of the third quarter, are subject to being discontinued from their programs. Students who are discontinued but who want to return at a later date must apply for readmission to DePaul.

Note: Because SCPS’s competency-based BA programs (Individualized Focus Area, Computing, General Business, and Early Childhood Education) are being retired, students in those programs who do not maintain active status cannot be readmitted to the competency BA programs. Instead, those students can be considered for readmission to one of the other continuing BA programs (Business Administration (BAPS), Computing (BAPS),  Applied Behavioral Sciences, Decision Analytics, and Leadership Studies). Students in the competency BA programs who maintain active status will have through Spring 2023 to complete their degree requirements and graduate. For more information, see the FAQ for this update to our programs.

To maintain Active Status, consider the following enrollment options:

Active Status Continuation (LL 050) is a 0-credit, ungraded enrollment available to students who are working on independent projects that will be submitted in fulfillment of degree requirements but otherwise will not be enrolled and would be subject to discontinuation. To request registration in LL 050, students should first discuss their plans with their Academic Advisor, whose approval is required, and then submit a registration request using the Registration Form. All LL 050 registration requests are subject to Associate Dean permission.​